Jorge Natalin is the outfit for Arno Tijnagel.
This is my webspace and this is a temporary site.

My 10th album ‘In wording’ will be released soon.
I will release 3 singles prior to this album.
Stay tuned if you are interested.
For now, please find my music in all the usual places online.


I am a musician from Amsterdam.
I play guitar.
I have recorded and performed with various artists.
Currently I mostly operate solo.

I play original instrumentals.
I play full on techno with psychedelic rock guitar and live band.
I play intimate acoustic guitar and voice only solo songs.
I play music.

#genre- bending
#avant- garde

I am also a photographer.
See here:

Contact me via info at jorgenatalin dot nl.
Please let me know what you think of my music.

Thank you.

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