Chromosome is out now everywhere. 

Album #11 was conceived in the aftermath of yet another solitary mystical experience.
The opening song is therefore titled Afterwards.
These recordings tell the story of the inevitable coming down
from an impossible residence in way too far out.

Mea Culpa.
And I mean it.

 While my previous album is a pure instrumental,
this new release includes both instrumental guitar oriented songs,
as well as songs on which I use my voice.

Chromosome album consists of 13 songs in total. 
I sing on 6 of them. 
As the residual descendant, I returned to shaping my impressions with the guitar.
I just had to let it out.
I just had to find a way.

 So, here it is, my eyewitness account of a personal encounter with
that which holds no true definition.

And of course, these stories also had to be told:
Off you go.
We so very miss the three of you.

 Chromosome ends with the sung Lonesome Cowboy.
This song tells the dire epilogue of my brother’s story, who could not ride out.

We will all remember.
I remember.

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Maybe the name Jorge Natalin doesn’t mean anything to you, and maybe Arno Tijnagel doesn’t either.
Yet not so long ago his tenth album was released, because Jorge Natalin is the artist that is hidden inside Arno Tijnagel.
This album by Jorge Natalin has been given the title In wording.

 Jorge Natalin – 

 It is clear that Arno Tijnagel loves making music.
In addition to the ten full- length albums, his solo work now also consists of five extended plays and a huge dose of singles.
This is partly due to the fact that Jorge Natalin absorbs a broad range of influences.
As a result, you can either be drawn to the singer/ songwriter side with him or, for example, be immersed in post- rock.

 In wording –

 On this album, Jorge Natalin presents himself in fourteen tracks –
where the number 14 and Amsterdam have of course collaborated successfully in the past.
It starts with a rippling, introductory Proloog, before really going wild in Als een diamantje and Walk With Me.
The latter even lets the lead parts of the guitar play against each other, as if we have here arrived in the instrumental part of Dire Straits,
somewhere in the 80s, with a touch of Pink Floyd and Santana.

 The strength of In wording is that Jorge Natalin doesn’t get stuck in one moment.
Atmospheres change, things get whipped up and in Abdulkarim even Jimi Hendrix seems to have risen from the dead, in terms of sound,
only to conjure up the driving post- rock later in the song.
Zandkorreltje, the title of which may lead to some underestimation,
turns out to be a hallucinatory trip in which Jorge Natalin completely captivates the listener.

In wording shows that Jorge Natalin’s creative brain never stops and is equally impossible to pigeonhole at all.
This is a record to surrender to, to enjoy, to dream away on, or to make love to intensely.



Jorge Natalin is the alter ego for Amsterdammer Arno Tijnagel.
Jorge’s musical adventure began as rhythm guitarist in the rock band Kayanda;
later, he played guitar with Thomas Midfield before joining Huron and the Jim Offerman Band.
Alongside ten albums, six EPs, and a raft of singles,
Jorge has also composed the soundtracks to the films Sunset from a Rooftop and Finnemans.

In wording, his tenth LP, contains fourteen instrumental tracks;
between the opener Proloog and the closing Epiloog there are many hidden treasures to be found.
Als een diamantje and Walk With Me, with its terrific Hendrixian guitar riffs, crank up the tempo.
The mood then turns obscure on Believer and Fluistering,
but brightens again when Jorge shoulders his acoustic guitar for Kindred Spirits, Beyond the Clouds, and Kindred Spirits Extract.
The airy The Elusive Seven and In Your Eyes give way to the twin guitars of De Meest Verhevene,
Jorge also makes excellent use of his experience as an accomplished rock guitarist on songs like Abdulkarim and the hallucinatory Zandkorreltje.

In wording is an experimental concept album with fourteen original instrumental guitar rock/ post- rock compositions.
Admirably well done!
4.5 stars (out of 5)


My tenth full- length album, In wording, is released on Tuesday February 28.
This is a conceptual experimental instrumental guitar rock/ post- rock album,
that features 14 original compositions, with a total running time of nearly 47 minutes.
The album tells the story of gratitude and wonder, of life and love.
You plant a seed in the soil, and in time, a majestic oak tree grows. 

In wording begins with a prologue and ends with an epilogue.
The music in between can roughly be divided into three parts:
the beginning of the album is an easy going, introductory section,
followed by the part that tells the story;
this part builds gradually in concept and intensity;
after which the album continues with a seriously rocking conclusion,
only to end in contemplation again, with the soothing epilogue.

In wording explores my recognizable instrumental guitar realms even further.
You might even speak of the signature Jorge Natalin sound. 

*** I have created 2 limited editions of 47 pieces each for this album.
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Jorge Natalin In wording Album Cover 2023








Jorge Natalin is the alter ego for Arno Tijnagel.
I am a musician from Amsterdam.
I have recorded and performed with various artists.
Currently I mostly operate solo.
My primary instrument is the guitar.

I started out as the rhythm guitarist in the rock band Kayanda.
Later, I was the guitarist for Thomas Midfield, and after that, for Huron and Jim Offerman Band.
I have also recorded and performed with DJ Rombout, as Souvenirs.

My music spans various genres, from intimate singer/ songwriter, to elaborate post- rock, and electronic as well.
I have also created the original motion picture soundtracks for both Sunset from a Rooftop and Finnemans.
My solo discography consists of 11 albums, 7 EPs, 59 singles, and, as mentioned, 2 soundtracks.

Find my music in all the usual places online, please see the links further below.
*** The Complete Jorge Natalin In Chronological Order  is a really sweet playlist to start with.
Explore and enjoy my sound.

I am a photographer and artist as well. 

#genre- bending
#avant- garde

Jorge Natalin Portrait 01
Jorge Natalin Portrait 02
Jorge Natalin Portrait 03
Jorge Natalin Portrait 04
Jorge Natalin Background Image
Once We Were Young
The Complete Jorge Natalin In Chronological Order Playlist Artwork

Roadie Music wrote this about Lonesome Cowboy:
“Jorge Natalin invites us on a melancholic journey with his latest single.
Released on December 22, 2023, the track Lonesome Cowboy is a musical pearl that delves into powerful Indie Rock,
touching hearts with a unique approach to Lo- Fi Rock. Musically, it elevates, lifting us off the ground for an incomparable sound journey.
With measured instrumentals, in a rhythm that flirts with Progressive, the new single stands out in the Indie Rock scene in The Netherlands,
offering a high- level proposal and production. Unmissable, this new track is available on the main digital music streaming platforms,
inviting listeners to embark on this immersive musical experience.”

Last Day Deaf wrote this about 1 and 20:
Jorge Natalin, the musical guise of Amsterdam’s own Arno Tijnagel,
presents a solo masterpiece in the form of In Atmospheres II EP, featuring the enigmatic track 1 and 20.

Tijnagel’s background as a versatile guitarist shines through as he takes listeners on a sonic journey that defies genre boundaries.
With a bold fusion of electro-rock and minimal techno, crafted in an analog manner, this track showcases Tijnagel’s experimental spirit and musical prowess.
In Atmospheres II EP is a testament to Tijnagel’s ability to create captivating soundscapes that push the boundaries of contemporary music.

Visual Atelier 8 wrote this about Zandkorreltje:
“Jorge Natalin has a stoner sound with melodic deepness.
Zandkorreltje has a dense main riff and over it a guitar phrase dives on harmonic deepness.
The sound is like a dystopic future about to be born.
A chaotic sound going to new hopes and landscapes.”
CaesarLiveNLoud wrote this about East To West:
“Amsterdam- based singer and songwriter Jorge Natalin has just shared his brand new single East To West,
a captivating acoustic/ singer- songwriter song, out now via AT Recordings.
I am really enjoying the intimate atmosphere of the song, it allows for the listeners to fully focus on his vocals and storytelling.
A beautiful love song, East To West showcases Jorge Natalin’s lush, expressive vocals that are seamlessly backed by a
memorable acoustic guitar- driven melody with touches of melancholia.
All together that creates an overall warm and intimate atmosphere, perfect for a laid- back, reflective day.”
Alex Monti on Exhale: 
“The style of the song is interesting, I like the rhythm of the song, the guitar and the Eddie Vedder- style voice.”

IndieTapes wrote this about Only Here:
“Really like the vibe, honestly not 100% resonating with me, but it’s still a cool record.”

Empty Room Productions on The Sun In My Head:
“I gotta say the track here brings about quite the intense field.
The instrumentals are surreal yet feisty, it all feels so alluring.”

Project Dreams wrote this about East To West:

“First of all, the song catches me right away.
Nice instrumental pick you have there and nice development and layering of the open melodic statement.
I also liked the quality of the vocals, since it was crisp and clear.
And truly, I can believe that the lyrics sound like it truly comes from the writer’s experience.
Great job in this song and success in your music career.”
Zone Nights on Walk With Me:
“Walk With Me has a lot of atmosphere, distortion and good reverb.
This song will totally take over your player, once you hit play.
It carries an interesting emotional charge.
I turned up the volume.”

Analog Experience wrote this about Awakening:
“That’s a pretty nice song idea, and the guitar is my favorite element on it.
The distortion pedal has quite a lot of noise,
but that’s what makes it more underground and crunchy.
I like the song, it has nice atmospheric elements.”

Cosmonauta Radio on East To West:
 “Arno Tijnagel aka Jorge Natalin is a singer- songwriter and guitarist from the Netherlands who comes to the Cosmonauta Radio editorial office from Amsterdam
to share his Folk Rock vision with us in his majestic new single East To West.
You know a song will be interesting and endearing when upon first listening to the intro you notice a huge acoustic guitar that is well received in the recording studio;
in a Led Zeppelin mood like it used to sound in ‘Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You’;
captivated our ears with a nostalgic voice affected at times by delays and reverb.
Passages nourished with ensembles of atmospheric electric guitars in the background of the acoustic guitar as the guitar God Jimmy Page used to do;
in that harmonic loop that becomes hypnotic and that is how in the choruses it guides us in an evocative combination of affected voices,
until closing the song without further ado and when you remember, time flew in 3 minutes and a fraction.

Taras Kopel on Zandkorreltje:
“Thank you for sharing your work, it sounds interesting and atmospheric.
The whole mix is well balanced, with high- level production.
There are many interesting guitar moves.
I like the way the track develops as the song goes on.
It’s like the composition is telling a story.”

Nagamag wrote this about East To West: 
“Sometimes an acoustic guitar is suitable enough to bring the best relaxation after a busy day.
This time, Jorge Natalin sings with a deeply emotional spirit between the strings of absolute balance.
The right music to express feelings of love and admiration too.”

Contact me here or send mail to info at jorgenatalin dot nl.
Let me know what you think of my music, suggest a possible collaboration, or just say hello.

Thank you.

All rights reserved © AT Recordings/ Jorge Natalin/ Arno Tijnagel 2024.